19 Apr Naum Prifti – Lapidarët anës Rrugës

Naum Prifti_Lapidaret anes Rruges_Ylli_Nentor 1966_pg 11

One of the other articles kindly sent to me by Raino Isto, Naum Prifti’s text “Lapidarër anës Rrugës” (Lapidars along the road), published in Ylli from November 1966. At some point he describes a car trip from Elbasan to Pogradec (where there are indeed quite some lapidars along the road):

One day we went from Elbasan to Pogradec and I asked the driver to stop his car at each lapidar. He immediately fulfilled my desire and said:

– I also like to look at what is written on those lapidars. I have noticed that this road has many lapidars and I’ve always said to myself: one day when I have the time, I’ll halt a bit at each one of them and read it. Do you know why, because a brother of mine, a partizan, got killed and we don’t know where his grave is. So it seems as if I will find his name on any of them.


There is a lapidar on top of Qafë Thanë that seems to generalize the partisan war. This one doesn’t commemorate any particular partisan or battle, but the entire war. Its creators have done well to inscribe it with an epigram as striking as from some ancient monument:

“In this region, during the years 1943-44, partisan units have done bloody battles against the occupiers and traitors of our country.”

One of the many lapidars on the road from Elbasan to Pogradec, at the pass of Qafë Thane, close to the Macedonian border.

The lapidar at the pass of Qafë Thanë, close to the Macedonian border.

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