• Mother Albania towering over the hill
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  • Minister of Defense Mimi Kodheli
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  • But Enver was not allowed in this time…
  • First Secretary of the Labor Party Muharrem Xhafa

05 May The Day of the Martyrs

Traditionally, May 5 is the day on which martyrs of the fatherland are commemorated all around Albania. This specific date was chosen as it was on May 5 that national hero Qemal Stafa was murdered. Today I went to have a look at the ceremony in Tirana at the large Martyrs’ Cemetery dominated by the Mother Albania sculpture by sculptors K. Rama, M. Dhrami, and Sh. Haderi, on a hill close to Farkë, overlooking the city. PM Edi Rama, Speaker of Parliament Ilir Meta, and Minister of Defense Mimi Kodheli, as well as First Secretary of the Labor Party Muharrem Xhafa were present to lay wreaths. Another group of communists, brandishing images of Enver Hoxha and Qemal Stafa were not allowed in together with Enver’s image, as happened last year during Independence Day.


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